Gain insight to help you improve the effectiveness of professional promotion for your consumer health brand, across and within the international markets most important to
global performance.

ProVoice Global takes consumer health research further

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Recommendations from health care professionals are an important growth driver for consumer health brands, in the US as well as internationally. Tailoring your marketing efforts to leverage the influence of health care professionals in key international markets is essential to global success. ProVoice Global gives you the insight you need to achieve your global business goals.

ProVoice Global consistently measures the performance of your consumer health brand in twelve key international markets – in addition to the US.

Global information fueled by local data:

  • Professional recommendations across countries and over time Recommendations are measured uniformly and over time from country to country for your brand and competitors, through a syndicated platform supported by proprietary technology.
  • Robust sample of health care professionals Information is captured from thousands of international respondents, including primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, pediatricians and pharmacists.
  • Broad category coverage More than twenty-five key consumer health categories are covered within the ProVoice Global survey, ranging from adult analgesics to multivitamins and sleep aids.
  • Reflecting local market traits ProVoice Global’s sample is tailored to the unique characteristics and influences of each country’s population of health care professionals.
  • Custom questions to increase insight You can easily add custom questions to the ProVoice Global survey, to gain greater insight into the unique challenges facing your brand, both locally and globally.

New tools to improve global brand performance:

  • Understand what drives physician recommendations The ProVoice Global survey is designed to help you understand the impact of physician and pharmacist recommendations on your brand and its competitors.
  • Improve your professional promotion where it matters most With consistent, research-based insight across twelve key ex-US markets, ProVoice Global gives you the ability to improve the effectiveness of your promotion in the markets most important to global performance.
  • Substantiate advertising claims ProVoice Global can be used to uniformly substantiate claims such as “#1 doctor recommended” on a country-by-country level.
  • Move quickly to take action ProVoice Global’s cloud-based reporting and analytics platform provides ongoing access to reports customized to your needs, within days of survey completion.

Local insight to improve global performance:

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ProVoice and ProVoice Global, working together

ProVoice Global leverages our proprietary technology to generate information from more than eight thousand respondents internationally. Combined with our US ProVoice offering, ProVoice Global now offers research-based insight gathered annually from almost seventy thousand responding health care professionals worldwide, across more than one hundred and twenty product categories. And we’re growing – ProVoice Global will continue expanding to include new countries, categories and health care specialties.

Improve the effectiveness of your consumer health promotion globally through consistent insight into the countries that matter with ProVoice Global.

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