Gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your professional promotion and its impact on physician recommendations for your brand, increasing your knowledge of the competitive dynamics of consumer health and medical device promotion.

What makes the ProVoice survey so effective?

  • ProVoice has the largest sample size of any professional health care survey in the US, with nearly 60,000 respondents across physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, optometrists, dentists and hygienists. And it measures recommendations across more than 120 over-the-counter categories. ProVoice’s scope means you can drill down to a granular level of detail.
  • ProVoice utilizes syndicated data collected continuously for benchmarking and for a greater understanding of your brand’s place in the market, now and in the future.
  • However, it’s easy to add your custom questions to the ProVoice survey, making it a fast and cost effective way to gain additional insight that addresses the specific market challenges facing your brand.

You can use the ProVoice survey to:

  • Measure – ProVoice can help you measure the performance of your professional promotion over time.
  • Target – ProVoice can help you target the highest-recommending health care professionals for your promotional efforts.
  • Validate – ProVoice can help you develop and validate advertising claims for your consumer health brand.

How ProVoice works

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Our measures include share of recommendations, percent of respondents who recommend, and volume of recommendations. Data is delivered monthly via a cloud-based, interactive dashboard, with multiple ways for you to view the data, such as by geography or specialty.


Survey results can be combined with secondary data and projected via our modeling technology, giving you a broader understanding of the market as well as the ability to identify high-value targets.

Measure the impact of your promotion on physician recommendations – over time and against competition.

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ProVoice can help your brand:

  • See which health care practitioners are recommending your brand, by specialty, geographic location, target vs. non-target and more.
  • Investigate how your promotional efforts are affecting those recommendations, and how they could be improved.
  • See the performance of your product versus competitors in your category.
  • Understand the relationship between recommendations and actual patient usage.
  • Find new and valuable professional targets for your messages.
  • Develop and validate "#1 doctor recommended" claims.
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Improve the effectiveness of your professional promotion and drive more recommendations for your consumer health brand with ProVoice.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how.