We design solutions customized for the unique needs
of your brand.

We’ve been innovative leaders in global custom market research and influence-network mapping across all stages of the product life cycle for more than fifteen years.

We provide custom research solutions tailored to your brand’s needs at all stages of its lifecycle.

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Our custom research solutions are fueled by our unique experience and expertise

  • We provide full-service research, quantitative and qualitative. Our access to the BrandImpact data asset enables us to take your custom insight to the next level.
  • Our therapeutic knowledge is in-depth and extends across a broad range of disease areas, as well as a wide variety of research projects.
  • We approach every project consultatively from start to finish, tailoring design and reporting to address unique challenges your brand faces.
  • We have extensive experience with long-term, large-scale engagements.

ATUs are part of our DNA

Take advantage of our extensive experience in tracking studies, for comprehensive
research customized to your brand’s needs.

  • Almost half of all our custom studies are ATUs and tracking projects.
  • We conduct hundreds of tracking waves each year.
  • In the last two years, we supported more than sixty brands with their ATUs.
  • The focus of each tracking study is tailored to your brand’s life cycle stage.

We can take your ATU further to provide an even deeper understanding of the drivers of your brand’s
performance, linking promotion, perceptions and prescribing through BrandImpactATU


Three additional areas of research where we excel:

KOL Mapping

Identify and engage the most influential thought-leaders in your space at global, national and local levels across all stages of your brand’s life cycle. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) drive adoption of new guidelines, treatment paradigms, products, indications, and formulations – so we know how essential it is for you to identify and target these specialists who can provide both inbound feedback on your promotion, and disseminate information across their spheres of influence. Our KOL Mapping research helps you to identify and foster relationships with these experts at a global, national and local level across all stages of your brand’s life cycle.

KOL identification and mapping

We identify KOLs in three ways:
Through primary, survey-based research.
Through literature and web search to identify key leaders based on articles authored, citations and journal impact factors.
Through their social media activities.

We then use secondary data to determine referral networks and to map the relationships between KOLs and other doctors in their area. And we complete the mapping by leveraging existing knowledge from within your organization and affiliates. 

Our web-based KOLOR (KOL online reporting) application is available to provide flexible access to all information collected within the KOL research process.

KOL Mapping helps you answer critical questions:

  • Who are the most influential thought leaders for my brand?
  • Who has influence on a global, national or local scale?
  • Which physicians receive the most referrals of my target patients?

Launch Planning

Capitalize on your brand’s launch opportunity with the insight you need to plan for, measure and adjust to changing market dynamics, both pre and post launch.


An innovative, validated approach to calibrate your forecast and align it more closely with marketplace reality, based on robust normative data on physicians’ attitudes, perceptions and beliefs and our proprietary research and analytics.


Recent and historical data capturing real-world adaptive experiments relevant to your brand. We measure both promotion and treatment dynamics, including competitive reaction.


Unique and actionable insight into the historical and competitive market landscape – including the source of new patient starts for your brand – to help you design your launch strategy, including messaging, and determine the metrics worth measuring.


Measures of market dynamics, including competitive response to your launch strategy.

Tactical adjustment

Rapid insights are delivered as your launch rolls out, giving you the ability to quickly adjust strategy and tactics while your launch opportunity is greatest.

Message Lifecycle

Establish a go-to-market platform for your brand’s success by capturing multi-dimensional insights across positioning, messages and concepts – tested and customized to meet your needs.

We help you make connections across the Message Lifecycle:

Positioning & Testing

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research options to help you determine your brand’s positioning – providing the platform for the development of your messages and concepts.

Our explorative qualitative research helps you identify brand perceptions and develop positioning options, which we then refine for testing in a robust quantitative environment. 

Our robust normative message quality data contains a wide range of benchmarks and serves as a unique source of input for our high-value modeling. Our innovative message and concept testing solutions provide you with greater confidence in how your messages will perform once in the field.

Tracking & Impact

Our unique BrandImpact longitudinal message execution and quality data provides best-in-class tracking insight, including both historical and competitive perspectives.

The BrandImpact data provides an ideal foundation for measuring message fade and determining time to refresh, and for analyzing the impact of your messages on physician brand choice.

We've conducted custom research studies across the globe including:

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Our people – their experience, expertise and their commitment – set us apart.

Senior-level consultants lead study design, execution and strategic recommendations – and see your project through from inception to completion.