Consulting Analytics

Lift your brand’s market performance through our breakthrough consulting analytics.

Our analytics – along with our custom research, data and technology – form
the foundation of our Solutions.

Fueled by our innovative data assets and supported by our research capabilities, our Analytics team employs innovative modeling and promotion response analytic techniques that take our data to the next level, delivering unmatched insight to our clients.

Our proprietary, syndicated data asset is longitudinal, capturing market dynamics both present and past. It serves as an unparalleled resource for the analogues and benchmarks required for many
analytic studies.

This syndicated data asset also supports unique transaction-level modeling by directly linking the multiple dimensions of promotion and prescribing at the physician level, for almost 75 million
sales and patient visits.

Your marketplace challenges are not one-dimensional – they require data and analytics that can deliver multidimensional solutions. 

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Our consulting analytics deliver insight that drives action and impact.

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  • We break down your details and drill into their components to prioritize key drivers and reach a level that informs action.
  • We study your sales reps and the messages they deliver to determine how they perform in the physician’s office and how they’re rated in terms of quality.
  • We build a blueprint for tactical and training initiatives to address prioritized key drivers and improve your effectiveness.
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  • We provide an estimate of how much that improved effectiveness is worth to your brand – so you know that it’s action worth taking.
  • We do it through the metric most meaningful to your brand – gain in new patient starts, and the lifetime value of those new patients gained.
  • We evaluate your achievement over time to determine when re-calibration is needed to drive further improvement.
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  • We monitor your execution against the blueprint through BrandImpact to ensure you stay on plan.
  • We assess how, and how quickly, your competitors are reacting.
  • We keep you informed so you know when, and how, to adjust to changing marketplace conditions.
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A broad range of analytic offerings

From message effectiveness studies to analyses examining the impact of your tactics in the field as well as the quality of your promotion, our consulting analytics team can deliver the innovative multi-dimensional solutions you need to grow your brand.

Our consulting analytics team has conducted a wide range of advanced studies, designed to always deliver practical insight important to improving brand performance.

  • Portfolio-level sales force structure analyses for single vs. multi-indicated brands.
  • Pathway analytics that provide insight into the impact of the interacting elements of a detail.
  • Market analogue and benchmarking studies that reflect the real-life competitive dynamics captured by our longitudinal data model.

Our Consulting Analytics team is stronger than ever.

Before you consider tackling size and structure or developing new messages, let us first help you drive greater ROI from your current brand investment.


Talk to us about how we can help you drive more new patient starts for your brand.