Improve your brand’s performance across the globe with BrandImpact Global.

BrandImpact’s proven US-based mobile longitudinal research model has been extended globally, to deliver clear and consistent insight across and within key international markets.

Insight into the drivers of global brand performance

BrandImpact Global is designed to help you achieve your global business goals by capturing a uniform and comprehensive set of metrics – which deliver disease-specific insight into the dynamics of key international markets including the EU, Japan, Canada and Australia.

When paired with our flagship US BrandImpact offering, BrandImpact Global provides an unparalleled level of insight into global brand performance, enabling you to uniformly compare across countries and competitors.

Mobile, longitudinal research panels of targeted physicians now available in key global markets

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In addition to our flagship US panels, BrandImpact’s mobile research panels of more than 500 general practitioners, diabetologists, diabetes nurses and retinal specialists are now up-and-running in nine countries outside of the US. We employ the same innovative, proprietary research app successfully used for more than fifteen years in the United States.

Dynamic markets require dynamic data capture

BrandImpact Global captures information on your brand and competitive brands in real time, directly from the practice location (office, clinic or hospital). Data capture occurs immediately after each patient and sales visit, and offers unique insight into both treatment behavior and the promotional factors influencing that behavior. You can even add in your own custom questions to gain greater insight into
the unique challenges facing your brand. 

Armed with this information, your brand can rapidly adjust to changes in market conditions,
both locally and globally.

Insight from your targeted customers captured at the source

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Maximize brand performance – locally and globally

BrandImpact Global goes beyond traditional secondary data offerings and audits to provide
support throughout the brand lifecycle.

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Disease-specific insight, tailored to diabetes

Our diabetes-focused panels include 340 targeted general practitioners, diabetologists and diabetes nurses across the EU, including Germany, France, the UK and Italy, as well as in Japan. To this we can add data from BrandImpact’s US-based panels, creating research gathered from more than 2,100 targeted diabetes healthcare professionals. Together, we’ll capture 400,000 diagnosed diabetes patient visits and 150,000 diabetes brand details annually.

In addition to our global diabetes panels, BrandImpact Global also has retinal specialist panels operating in eight countries – Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia and Canada.

Patient and sales visit metrics captured through our app

Our research app has been designed to capture the patient and sales visit metrics critical to understanding the drivers of diabetes brand usage – for your brand and competitors.

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Gain global insight into the health of your brand through BrandImpact Global.

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