Advance your understanding of the growing role of molecular diagnostics in precision medicine, with comprehensive insights into the impact of companion diagnostics and other testing methods on cancer treatment decisions.

The growth of precision medicine and the emergence of new, targeted therapies are revolutionizing
how cancer is treated. As a result, there is a critical need for insight into the “how” and “why” behind
biomarker testing in oncology.

BrandImpactDx addresses this need, capturing key information on testing rates and the types of tests used – directly from the oncologists and pathologists using them.

Valuable insight into oncology molecular diagnostics

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Unique, syndicated data:

  • Robust data from oncologists and pathologists: We survey over 1,200 oncologists and 600 pathologists annually – the largest ongoing online panel in the US – providing a comprehensive viewpoint from the physicians who order these tests and those who perform them.
  • Broad coverage of key biomarkers and assays: The BrandImpactDx survey collects detailed information on diagnostic testing for all key biomarkers and prognostic assays across multiple tumor types, including the recently-identified PD-L1 biomarker in non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma.
  • Wider test coverage that will continue to expand BrandImpactDx’s test coverage exceeds that available from traditional secondary data suppliers – with new tests to be added as they emerge in support of targeted therapies.

BrandImpactDx Insights:

  • In-depth, longitudinal data provides visibility into testing behavior: The BrandImpactDx survey is fielded monthly and longitudinally measures the usage of biomarker tests, including information on the specific type of test chosen, as well as volume and share trends.
  • Add your own questions for tailored insights Our platform allows you to tailor our survey with custom questions in order to generate more specific insight.
  • Drill down through our interactive reporting tool Our cloud-based reporting and analytics platform can deliver timely insight on a monthly basis at the level of depth you need.

It’s important to understand how testing is impacting the Oncologist’s choice
of brand.

Oncology and diagnostic companies alike face the dual challenges of determining how often physicians are using biomarker tests, and which testing methods are being employed. The choice of test method and the results obtained directly impact the treatment decision, particularly for targeted cancer therapies.

Extending the value of BrandImpact

BrandImpactDx and BrandImpact – working together to deliver complete insight. 

Linking testing methods to test results to treatment decisions to help you understand the changes introduced from immuno-oncology.

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BrandImpactDx captures the diagnostic tests selected to detect biomarkers, while BrandImpact delivers information on test results and their influence on the oncologist’s treatment decision and brand choice. 

Together, they offer the comprehensive and in-depth insight oncology and diagnostic brands need to navigate the marketplace complexities emerging from the growth of molecular diagnostics and
precision medicine.

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