Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying drivers of your brand’s performance throughout its lifecycle, connecting your promotion to the physician perceptions it creates and, ultimately, to the prescribing behavior that results.

BrandImpactATU delivers integrated insight to your brand direct from your targeted physicians linking promotion, perceptions and prescribing.

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Connecting the drivers of brand performance

  • Access to historical data captured by BrandImpact before you’ve initiated ATU tracking with us – helps you to understand long-term market trends and to measure your brand’s performance against benchmarks.
  • Metrics captured through the best tool at the right time, with the ATU capturing metrics most appropriate for recall, and BrandImpact capturing metrics meaningful in real-time through its mobile research app activated in the physician’s office.
  • Broader set of information for exploring and modeling relationships between promotion, perceptions and prescribing. A connection is made at the physician level, thanks to both ATU and BrandImpact data, to deliver more actionable results.
  • Your report brings all the elements together, fusing our findings around the promotional landscape, the physician’s mindset and the treatment decisions made.
  • Gain efficiency in survey design. BrandImpact addresses many of the key questions you’d otherwise ask in your ATU, allowing us to streamline your ATU survey design.

Make BrandImpact and your ATU work seamlessly together to achieve your brand objectives.

Contact us to see how.