Drive the market performance of your brand with insights into the execution and effectiveness of your promotion and the impact it has on prescribing behavior – captured directly from physicians’ offices.

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Capturing data through our mobile app

Data is captured from physicians at two key moments of interaction: after sales rep visits and after patient visits. Physicians use our app to give detailed feedback on those interactions, and ultimately, on how they impact prescribing behavior. Read more about our Technology.

Unique, syndicated data:

  • Real-time data captured from the source: We capture data in the physician’s office – the intersection of sales rep and patient visits, upstream of the pharmacy. This gives us valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback from the physician in real time.
  • Extensive, high-value panel of targeted physicians: Our panels are made up of the physicians you target for promotion, and who drive market trends.
  • Continuous and comprehensive reporting within a competitive context: We capture all products, all activity, all the time.
  • Available globally: We operate panels and capture data throughout the EU as well as in Japan, Australia and Canada.
  • Add your own custom questions: We can add questions into the BrandImpact app, customized to your brand’s needs – for even more targeted insight.

BrandImpact insights:

  • Longitudinal data collection: Data is collected from the same physicians over time, allowing us to accurately measure change in the marketplace.
  • Understand how your promotional strategy is executed by your sales force: Enabling you to make adjustments to your tactics, messaging and training.
  • Measure effectiveness over time: We’ve been capturing data since 2001, allowing us to give your brand context historically – taking into account changes in the market that have happened over time – not just a snapshot of how your brand is situated in the market right now.
  • Evaluate your competitive performance: Detailed reports, ranking and insights give you perspective on how your brand is performing versus competitors.
  • Factors leading to a change in treatment decisions: Chart audit-like patient metrics are captured in real-time, for a better understanding of the factors leading to a change in a physician’s treatment decision.
  • Impact of your messages: BrandImpact collects messages for both your brand and competitors, and measures their impact on brand choice. See the power of your messaging to influence, and which messages are more effective.

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