Products and Services

Our products power our solutions.

They combine our innovative technology and proprietary data assets with our expertise in research and analytics, to create a suite of robust tools at your disposal. We’ll work with you to find the right product, or combination of products, to give you the comprehensive insight you need to grow your brand.


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Our products are expressions of our experience and expertise.

Promotional effectiveness measurement

We can help you improve the effectiveness of your brand’s promotion. 

We pioneered mobile market research in the physician’s office and have been biopharma’s and consumer health’s go-to resource for measuring promotional dynamics since 2001.

Custom research

We design solutions customized for the unique needs of your brand. 

 We’ve been innovative leaders in global custom market research and influence-network mapping across all stages of the product life cycle for almost fifteen years. 

Promotion response analytics

We can help lift your brand’s market performance through our breakthrough promotion response analytics.

Our syndicated, longitudinal data asset – which directly links promotion and prescribing at the physician level for almost 70 million sales and patient visits – supports unique transaction-level modelling.