Our Technology

Our innovative technology is the foundation of our products and solutions.


Data captured through two complementary streams.

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Our mobile app

Continually enhanced to reflect changing market conditions and client needs, our syndicated research app captures information upstream of the pharmacy – in the physician’s office.

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Physicians report their sales rep and patient visits on an ongoing and real-time basis.
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Online surveys

Custom research designed to specifically address the unique market challenges faced by your brand.


A combination of mobile and online research panels underlies a complete research infrastructure created to answer your key business questions.

Longitudinal panels use our app to deliver real-time market intelligence.

  • Extending across the US as well as in Europe and Asia.
  • Containing high-value physician targets.
  • Covering key specialties, including oncology.
  • Recording information consistently over time.
  • Producing a timely and clear signal of marketplace change.
  • Providing the option of custom panels for proprietary insight.
  • Ensuring quality through proactive panel management.

Online panels are an unmatched platform for research tailored to your brand.

  • Enhanced over time to include your most valuable targets.
  • Breadth and depth to reach targeted respondents and niche populations.
  • Delivering best-in-class response rates.
  • Covering more than 145,000 validated physicians across all specialties.
  • Including other HCPs such as NPs, PAs, Dentists and Diabetes Educators.
  • Capturing the largest consumer health sample of any US-based survey.

Our proprietary, syndicated data asset is a reflection of the dynamics of the biopharma and consumer health markets – both present and past.

More than a decade of insights generated by thousands of your most important physicians.

  • Updating continually through an ongoing primary data stream.
  • Collecting information on all companies, all brands, all the time.
  • Measuring promotion directly linked to prescribing.
  • Capturing and benchmarking rep and message quality.
  • Providing state-of-the-art messaging insight.
  • Monitoring the value of consumer health promotion to HCPs.

Comprehensive insight into physician treatment behavior captured at the point-of-care.

  • Including treatment decisions for almost 60M diagnosed patient visits.
  • Capturing a complete, competitive picture directly from the office.
  • Providing an unmatched perspective on the source new patients starts.
  • Delivering chart audit-like granularity into the drivers of brand choice.
  • Containing real-world analogues including competitive reaction.
  • Providing a clear evaluation of HCPs' consumer health recommendations.

Insights are delivered through multiple formats and platforms to best meet your reporting needs.

Syndicated metrics fueling customized insight.

Subscription-based reports are customized to your requirements and supported by rapid-response client service. We’ll focus our findings through executive summaries, and regular presentations.

Custom research and analytics to deliver proprietary insight.

Consulting that is connected to custom studies and analyses to elevate the level of insight and actionable recommendations we deliver.

Web portal for interactive reporting.

An interactive dashboard gives you hands-on flexibility to drill-down and to design, produce and edit reports whenever needed by your brand.

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