Our Solutions

Our solutions help you build, monitor and improve the effectiveness of your brand strategy.

There’s no one-size-fits-all. From pre-launch planning to in-market execution and lifecycle extension, we’ll work with you to craft a solution that addresses your specific business requirements. You’ll come away with in-depth insight into the drivers of your brand’s performance, and a plan of action for moving forward.

We deliver a broad range of solutions covering your brand’s existing and emerging business needs.

Develop and build your strategy

Our solutions provide detailed insight into new patient starts, and help you design the positioning, messaging, and other core elements of your marketing strategy needed to fully realize your brand’s market potential.

Promote and sell in the marketplace

Our solutions help you understand the execution and effectiveness of your brand strategy in the marketplace, providing timely feedback on the performance of your sales force and messaging, as well as customer and competitive reaction. You’re empowered to tactically adjust your strategy when necessary, so you can make the most of your market opportunity.

Drive and expand usage

Our solutions help you understand your brand’s usage patterns, how they’re impacted by physician recommendations, additional indications and new market entrants, and how they’re responding to your life cycle management strategy. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to expand your brand’s usage over time.

Our products, coupled with our research, analytics and therapeutic expertise, are the building blocks of the solutions we create to meet the unique needs of your brand.


You’ll come away with unique insight into the health of your brand and the drivers of its market performance – as well as a clear pathway forward.

When we deliver your results – whether through customized reporting of our syndicated metrics or as a result of our Custom Research and Consulting Analytics – we’ll highlight key insights as well as recommended actions. We’ll also meet directly and frequently with your team to talk through how to best apply this knowledge to grow your brand.

We'd love to discuss creating a tailored solution for your brand.

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