Our Expertise

AlphaImpactRx delivers primary research-based insights through our innovative technology, syndicated data assets and custom and therapeutic expertise.

We’re at the forefront of custom market research and influence network mapping across the brand lifecycle. We pioneered mobile research direct from the physician’s office and are leaders in measuring the effectiveness of promotion. Our longitudinal data asset – linking promotion and prescribing – has fueled breakthrough promotion response analytics.

However, it’s our therapeutic expertise in oncology, diabetes, consumer health and the important specialty markets that sets us apart.

And we’re building this therapeutic expertise on a global scale.

Dynamic, disease-specific expertise delivers actionable insight

Our proprietary physician research panels – made up of the key specialties driving patient treatment trends – are a unique and ongoing source of therapeutic knowledge. This knowledge is uniquely collected at the point-of-care through our mobile research app, with five million patient treatment decisions captured annually at the diagnosis level for in-depth visibility into key patient characteristics.

Our insights are grounded in an extensive and in-depth understanding of the disease areas within which your brands compete. When we provide you with solutions, they’re built through disease-specific research and experience to ensure they’re actionable for your brand.

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Market-leading expertise in oncology

  • Our custom and syndicated research studies in oncology have been running for over 15 years.
  • Our syndicated oncology data asset contains in-depth information on more than four million diagnosed patient visits and 300,000 details captured at the point-of-care and promotion.
  • Our innovative oncology mobile research app is continually updated to reflect market dynamics, including established and emerging biomarkers.
  • We offer rapid insight into the usage of key molecular diagnostic tests from a robust sample, including pathologists, thanks to our BrandImpactDx product.

Providing the comprehensive perspective oncology brands need to navigate the marketplace complexities emerging from the growth of precision medicine and molecular diagnostics.

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Therapeutic focus on diabetes, on a global scale

BrandImpact Global operates diabetes-focused mobile research panels of 340 targeted general practitioners, diabetologists and diabetes nurses across the EU, including Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy as well as in Canada, Australia and Japan. Including the US, we capture information from more than 2,100 targeted diabetes health care professionals worldwide, who provide us with information for approximately 400,000 diagnosed patient visits and 150,000 diabetes brand details annually.

Our research app has been tailored to capture the patient visit metrics critical to understanding the
drivers of diabetes brand usage.

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Taking consumer health research further – across the globe

ProVoice and ProVoice Global combine to offer unique insight into the effectiveness of professional promotion for consumer health brands, across and within key international markets.

Research-based insight is gathered across more than 120 product categories including vision, oral and skin care, and a wide range of OTC categories from almost 70,000 health care professionals in the following countries:

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Our global footprint is broad – and we’ll continue to expand in response to client and market needs.

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Our solutions are grounded in our therapeutic expertise to ensure they address the real marketplace challenges facing your brand – in the US and globally.